WIKIPEDIA: Albatross An albatross is a [large seabird] new improv team that [nests on remote oceanic islands] performs regularly at Sea Tea Comedy Theater, occasionally swooping down on unsuspecting [fish] audience members to [kill and eat] amuse and entertain them. Albatrosses are highly efficient [in the air] on stage, using [dynamic soaring to cover great distances with little effort] vivid characters, zany situations, and awkward word choices like “zany” to tell a familiar kind of story in an unfamiliar way. Albatrosses [lay a single egg] tell a single multi-scene story based on a broad genre (Country house murder mystery! Buddy cops! Biblical epic!) each [hatching season] show. Albatrosses feature significantly in [nautical] improv lore and mythology: to “have an albatross [around one’s neck] on stage in front of you” is a way of saying you [carry a heavy burden or punishment] are going to be amused until you vomit fish, even if you haven’t eaten fish recently. Albatrosses have a [distinct musty smell] cheerful disposition … and a distinct musty smell.